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St. John’s cathedral for church then Edinburgh’s royal mile

Sheraton’s executive lounge provides breakfast. Since this is Sunday we find our way to St. John’s cathedral and observe their service. It’s a choral matins service. Best described, this service is a singing rendition of old-time catholic aphorisms.

Edinburgh’s royal mile starts at the base of Edinburgh castle. It proceeds east for a mile ending at the Holyrood palace. (Full mile: 1059-1159) “Kings have been born, crowned and died here, battles have been fought in its streets and from its castle walls. Here was the home of Scotland’s parliament, until the Union; here now is the symbolic home of Scotland’s kirk; the home of her legal system. Above all, it is the heart of the Scottish nation.” Here is what we observed this afternoon while walking the mile.(Start of mile:1059-1060)
There are many little shops. Scottish scarves are sold everywhere. Mom buys up a scarf then comes back later to buy more for gifts. You can buy a full Scottish kilt outfit.

Update: I returned in 2011 with my wife (read that blog post).

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