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Touring London, We Will Rock You in the West end

Work colleagues suggested that the Big Bus tour was not to be missed. True that as today we took the bus tour and got to view all the major attractions. Also included was a water cruise from the Tower bridge to Westminster. Most of today we spent riding. Taking this tour also helped orient us to where each church, castle, building and landmark was located.

Lunch (Chinese food) was eaten at Leicester square. Afterwards we picked up two tickets to “We Will Rock You” and headed back to the hotel for an hour of rest. (Tickets to “Mary Poppin’s” or “The Producers” are so in demand they can’t be had for a month out.)
The Queen and Ben Elton musical comedy, “We Will Rock You”, was performed at the Dominion Theatre off of Oxford Street. This West London theatre district has a theatre on each corner, practically. The shows premise is thus: 2070 is the year; GlobalSoft has banned all musical instruments and all independent musical thinking. Teens robotically perform the company’s music. Two rouge “thinkers”, a guy and girl, come together (literally) to break the mold, find the one remaining instrument (an electronic guitar) and start making music again. It’s about defeating the Stalin one-world style monopoly and allowing independent thinking. The finale of We Will Rock You, We are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody truly engaged the audience and provided a fabulous end of show.
Dad left Dulles today heading to Manchester than London LHR. He should arrive around noon tomorrow.

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