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Christmas at Westminster Abbey

Merry Christmas! London is all but shut-down. There are only a few restaurants open, there is no public transportation and cabbies are few and far between. Attractions are closed.

We all set out about 1pm to view landmarks around Piccadilly. Buckingham Palace is first. Westminster Abbey’s Christmas day service is at 3pm – which we attend. First a note about the abbey. An abbey is essentially a city within a building that also houses a church. The building is massive and magnificent. Its also packed full of Christmas worshipers. Service lasts for an hour, after which we head to dinner. Remind you, most all restaurants are closed! We find a steak house that is open and enjoy Christmas dinner there. There is a great desert and coffee house open. We have a few deserts and lattes then head to the hotel. This is our last night in the city of London.

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