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Cruising the Seine after killer views at the Eiffel Tower

Travelers relish Paris for the French people, the world renowned landmarks and French pastries! This morning we found our first (of many) French pastry shops and indulged. The shop was located on Rue de Washington. Pastries and sandwiches are this shop’s specialties.

What is 324 meters tall and used 18,038 iron parts during construction? The one and only Paris landmark – Eiffel Tower. The tower, built in 1889, sits at Tour Eiffel Champ de Mars street. I must say, however, that it looks out of place, dull, and even lackluster during the day. Nighttime is when the the Eiffel Tower shines. We waited in about an hour line to board the trolley. For 10 euros you can be transported to the top. It would be unnecessary to write this, but, I’ll say it anyway: the view from the top is splendid. It was partly overcast and nearing dusk by the time we make it all the way to the top deck. The 360 degree view allowed us to view the river Seine and all of downtown Paris.
Descending provided the killer views. Nighttime was approaching and the city was lighting up. Christmas lights along Champs des Elyess and the well lit river boats cruising the Seine brought Paris to life.
Across the river is a slew of pastry shops. Mom, dad and I select a few dinner and desert pastries. Then it’s down river to catch the river boat cruise.
Our cruise takes us all the way up the Seine past the Louve then back around the Paris version of our Statue of Liberty.

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