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Versailles and Hausemann street

Best laid plans are not always fulfilled. We start out early to spend time at the Louvre. Today, however, is Tuesday and it is the one day of the week when the Louvre is closed. Versailles becomes our destination.

Versailles palace is just a thirty minute train ride and ten minute walk south west of Paris. Louis XVII did not want the downtown Palace so he had Versailles built. He considered it his hunting lodge. The palace is nothing short of a fabulous mansion – definitely not a hunting lodge.
Travel note: purchase your Versailles entrance tickets along with your train ticket. It saved us two long lines and added benefits such as audio headsets and parliament entry.
One of three Paris parliament buildings is located at Versailles. The theatre, per say, is within the parliament museum. We view the parliament building but breeze through the museum.
King’s and Queen’s chambers are the most famed rooms at Versailles. There is artwork galore – most of which we skip noting that we’ll see better at the Louvre.
Shopping along Hausemann street was our nighttime activity. And it seemed that most all of Paris was there. Navigating the stores and sidewalks was a challenge. The Galleries Lafeyette is the cornerstone. Like Harrods of London, Macy’s on New York’s 5th avenue, and Marshall Fields in Chicago, this is a one-stop shop.
I stopped along Hausemann street to take some night shots and got separated from the parents. We met up a little later at the hotel and went to dinner.

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