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Ticket purchased

Finally, ticket and visa are in hand! Moscow is becoming reality.

The roller coaster ride is over. Eight weeks ago our director of international consulting approached me with the idea of an international project. RGS in Moscow needed a PM and I was the guy. I took a weekend and considered the opportunity. After speaking with family and friends this was an easy call. Yes! I would go to Moscow.
Four days later RGS has reconsidered what type of resource they needed and no longer did they need a PM. Moscow was off the table.
One week after, I heard that a London based project was starting. The timing was perfect – and I was the guy. Guidewire just needed one more client signature. I was once again on the top of the coaster ride ready to cruise. That client still had not signed three weeks later. The coaster was crashing, once again.
I was assigned to a prominent US based client as PM. It was an honor to be considered for the project, but, by this time my heart was on an international gig. Back at home, I was working with my church to make alternative plans for the youth group if an international project materialized.
A week later word came that RGS reconsidered, again, and did need a PM. I was asked if I still wanted to go to Moscow. Yes!
Finally, today I have a Visa and air ticket in hand. Moscow is reality. I leave on 25 June. Lots to do between now and then.

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