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Izmaylovskaya Market

After visiting Lenin, Ivor and I took to the Izmaylovskaya Market.

Address: Izmaylovsky Park
Directions: North-east Moscow. Take the Metro (the dark blue line) to Izmaylovskaya and join the crowds when you get off the train.
The market here is favored by locals and foreigners. You can find almost anything here – souvenirs, crafts, clothes, shoes, house wares, etc. I found most things to be very cheap in quality; prices generally match the quality. Isle after isle you see vendors hawking their wares. Watch out for the “runners” as they cart their goods around. They don’t watch out for you!
The place is huge. Ivor and I visited for about 3 hours or so. Inside the souvenir market (cost is 10 rub to enter) is a great open-air meat vendor. We stopped and had a salmon and veal kabob. Sit upstairs and you can oversee the market. Honestly, it looked like a Scandinavian design with the wooden rails and peaked huts.
Note to self: the tourist market had Soviet posters. I’ll probably return to buy one or two. I can see them hanging on my wall!

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