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The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Old Arbat, Independence Day

Happy 7-7-7!
Top three things today: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Old Arbat, Independence Day at the Kuskovo Estate.
Note: stopped in at a Russian sporting goods store and you will find 3 pictures from there within this set.

My day started at Christ the Saviour Cathedral. This Russian Orthodox Church sits to the west of the Kremlin along the Moscow river banks. The original church was torn down and replaced with a swimming pool. Yes, really. It was rebuilt in the early ’90s. Inside you find an extremely ornate, lavish (equates to rich) church. Read more at the wikipedia site. They do not allow photos inside; the wikipedia link has a good interior photo.
Walking north you come to Old Arbat street. Starry, or Old, Arbat is a foot traffic only street lined with shops, restaurants, kiosks and street performers. The Moscow Hard Rock Cafe is here. In other words, Old Arbat is a tourist trap. I walked Old Arbat to the west and then went cruising north where I found a great sporting goods store. It was one of the best sport stores I had been in – bikes, football, tennis, camping, SCUBA, clothing, shoes – this store had it all.
Tonight, the American Chamber of Commerce here presented a fireworks show at the Kuskovo Estate.

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