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VDNKh Park, TV Tower

MSU was first on the agenda today. Next, I took the metro back through town to VDNKh. Here you can find the Ostankino TV Tower, Cosmonaut Memorial / Space Obelisk, and Soviet Architecture Exhibition House.

Kiosks selling used cell phones line the sidewalk leading to the park area. The Central Pavilion is actually at the far end of the park. Getting to there you pass a makeshift go-cart track, a small amusement park, and lots of vendors selling everything from food to pictures with Mickey/Minnie Mouse. People were out roller-blading and biking. (It was a georgious day weather-wise.)
The rocket-shaped TV Tower is a major Moscow landmark, reaching about twice as high as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You get access either walking from the VDNKh metro or taking a monorail. Monorail service runs beside the tower and costs 50 rub each ride. A fire badly damaged the tower in August 2000, killing three people and leaving the Russian capital without TV broadcasts for several days. The tower, today, is fenced off and the observation deck is closed.
At first I thought the Space Obelisk was a ski-jump. Don’t laugh. You might have thought the same! The building is a magnificent piece of architecture recreating Vostok 1’s launch into the stratosphere. The best view was from the monorail platform. As you can see, the site was under construction and I did not visit the museum.
Back downtown to the apt. I need food!

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