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Went back to Mega Mall today

Hello. Slept in today after getting back late this AM. Took it easy and went to Mega Mall. I needed a razor and some gifts for people back home… Captured a few pictures which you can see in the full entry.
AND I found a Super Wal-Mart type store here!

Auchan (looks like AWAH in Cyrillic) is a super Wal-Mart type store. You can find a little of EVERYTHING here. Prices were quite good but they accept only cash. Notice in the picture below how many registers they have open. I didn’t count but suspect there were probably 60+ registers going.
WalMart style store in Moscow called Auchan
Here is a simple shot overlooking the mall’s ice-skating rink.
Mega Mall Skating Rink
I found my next “want it” item at the Circuit City/Best Buy type store. [Sorry for the terrible picture. I couldn’t get a good photo because the store security guard was hounding me.] This high-def, super large, TV is $2 999 999 rub. Yes, I wrote that correctly. In USD, it equates to $120,000. Amazing.
A 120k TV
Let’s talk super markets. If you come to Moscow here are your primary choices. (This was lifted from another site.)
Azbukha (Nice selection, sometimes pricey)
Stockmann (a Finnish food store, it is relatively expensive but of extremely high quality)
*Ramstor (a Turkish food store),
Sedmoij Continent (Russian food store)
“Perekrestok” is another food chain
The Ramstor is where we have been shopping.

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