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Kayak? No. Boating? Yes.

I’ve had the urge to go kayaking. Friday Alexey showed me where he thought we might find kayak rentals. The city (well, small town) is north of Moscow on the M8. Stas, Poliena and I set out to find the river and rental shop. Without map, we talk to several residents and finally find the kayak shop. Today it turns out is a race day. No rentals are being allowed. There are about 40+ boats and people – some racing, some prepping to race. Ages range from young kids to middle age adults.
Back to the city and to Ord. park. This is out near VDNKh. You can see the Ostankino TV tower behind. This park has two lakes which you can rent boats on. The weather today is absolutely gorgeous and we all are anxious to get on the water. For a good hour+ we row around the lake.
Shopping is next on the agenda. I need to get some items to take back to the states. Poliena and Stas need some groceries.
We head back downtown and meet up with Eoghan.

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