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Stas Car Crash

Today, Stas, Natasha and I were heading to get food when Stas was T-boned by a Volvo XC-90. The Volvo clearly ran the red light; Stas was in the first row of cars going through on a green light.
One hour later the DPS (traffic police) arrived. Mr. DPS measured all the distances – between vehicles, from stop lines to accident scene, etc, etc. Mr. DPS questioned both drivers who both stated they were traveling on a green light. Sure. Mr. DPS laughed when both stated they went through a green light. (It was the only time he showed an emotion.) When there is no clear quilt both parties have to goto the traffic court.
The damage was very minor:
Stas car crash
UPDATE: Stas and the other driver went twice to the traffic court. Stas won out, in the end. The other driver will be responsible for damages.

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