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Skydiving and Drinking – where else but in the Russian Federation

It has been a long time since I posted to this blog. Saw this news article earlier and could not resist posting this photo!
This daredevil sought to prove that skydiving and heavy drinking can go together as part of a dangerous stunt in a vertical wind tunnel.
The tunnels replicate the conditions of an actual skydive by blasting powerful jets of air directly upwards, causing anyone inside the chamber to “float”.
They are used to train divers for proper free falls, but this man decided to combine the experience with some alcoholic refreshment.
He is shown visibly struggling to open his lips against the force of the gust, but eventually manages to bring the bottle to his mouth and take a sip.
While you might think that vodka would be the natural choice of the daredevil Russian skydiver, the stuntman was actually drinking from a bottle of samogon, a moonshine that was illegal in the country until recently.
Samogan is ususally distilled from sugar, but can also be made from corn, potatoes and even plywood. It was especially popular during the Soviet era when vodka supplies could be unstable.

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