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Greensboro, NC today

Traveled ORD-Greensboro, NC to visit friends. Lisa and her (quiet) friend Kyle picked me up. A few (wrong) turns, and one hour later, we were north of Greensboro in the small town of Danville, VA.

Danville is isolated and deficient of quality businesses. Goodyear Tire (Goodyear’s only airplane tire manufacturing facility) and Dan River Textiles are the two big industries. This is a blue collar, tobacco growing, unskilled region. However, the towns-folk are friendly and open.

Part of the afternoon was spent helping Greg prepare for Tabernacle’s evening events and tomorrow’s flag football contest.

The Palmer’s have a gorgeous country view. Out the front door are rolling hills lines with forests’. It is October and the leaves are turning (turned?). Looking into the valley one sees a stocked pond surrounded with large trees. Take a look at the 360 degree view!

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