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Japan 2011

A380 It began with a flight on the A380 (LH Frankfurt -> Tokyo). That kicked off a great Japan trip to revisit the country where the two of us met. Started in Tokyo and immediately hit the ground having dinner with friends. The week saw us shopping, walking the streets around our previous flats, many lunches and dinners of good JP cuisine and reconnecting with friends.

We then traveled south to Hiroshima. What an incredible, challenging, painful yet peaceful experience it was to walk directly under where the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated. The a-bomb dome, 600m under where the bomb exploded, still partially stands. The bomb was intended for the bridge just 300m away. Cross the river and you reach the well-done peace memorial. Inside is a painful exhibit that demonstrates just how powerful and deadly the bomb was — 200,000 people lost their lives, skin was peeled off of bones, and shadows were permanently etched into concrete where people sat when the bomb exploded. True to the Japanese culture of resilience, they had the Hiroshima tram operational 3 days after the bomb was dropped!

The trip finished up in Osaka/Kyoto. Ningning attended the Japan QA conference. We took time out to see the Osaka castle and the top sites in Kyoto. From there it was on to Shanghai.

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

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* Video message to the CRBC Youth from Hiroshima, Japan

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