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We Are Here, Finally!

Got up at 4:30am. Weather is very dreary, cloudy, rainy. We drove to BWI and caught the Delta Flights to Cincinnati then to Salt Lake City, Utah. From Utah we took the 4 and 1/2 hour flight into Anchorage. (It was great seeing all the other members of the group again. Everybody seemed dead tired.) Along the way to ANC we saw Seattle and Mt. McClealan. Flying over the coast – it was cloudy and did not see much. Delta showed the movie “Roommates” on the SLC – ANC leg of the trip.

At Anchorage – We landed at about 3:00pm. ANC Time. Weather here is a little better. Still drizzling and about 50 degrees. Jay met us at the gate, we got our luggage and went to the Westmark Hotel in downtown. At the airport I noticed tons of tour/cruiselines staff that were there to great the people.

We rested at the hotel for an hour then drove around and got acquainted with Anchorage. Many were very tired so we did not do much. Had supper at a Deli (which was recommended by Jay) – they had good food and sourdough pancakes. I had the Monte Cristo sandwich (***** 5 stars).

We all went back to the hotel and went to bed.

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