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Resurection Bay Boat Ride

Was up at 5:00am – out to the vans by 6:00am. (Granddad called the room at 6:00am and wanted to know when he was supposed to be outside! He was 20 minutes late.) Weather is OK. Cloudy but no rain.

I am feeling much better. I am still waiting for the mosquito bites on my hands to heel. My hands are just a little swollen.

Exit Glacier: The glacier is in the Kenai Fjords National Park. The only access road to it is a modified dirt road. As we traveled to it we encountered part of the Seward Highway being repaired. It was really torn up. Here we encountered our first pilot car as well. The glacier was spectacular!!!! – it had many crevasses and a nice rich blue color. The overall appearance of the glacier was clean with little “Debree” on it. A park ranger stood guard at all times to keep people off the glacier. Walked some of the trails then left.

Drove to Seward: Seward is a small town that is large on fishing and shipping. They have a large port. (2 ships were docked at the time we saw the port.) We walked down main street, got a pizza to go, and boarded the Kenai Fjords Boat.

Resurrection Bay Cruise: From the Seward Port – Left at 1:15pm for the 4 hour journey. Weather was awesome – no rain, which is very unusual, sunny, little wind. The crew was great – very friendly.

On the Water: We saw a couple of coves – Thumbs cover, etc. There were about 3 puffins in the coves flying and resting on the rocks. Other species of birds were viewed. Watched a rockfull of sea lions !! At least 30-40 small sea lions were there – then a large sea lion – about 1 ton – showed up. He was the bully of the bunch. Four Mt. Goats were seen – they were in the distance and hard to view. It was 3 large male/females with a baby. Then we watched as an eagle soared over the water, circled around, then swooped down and picked up a fish off the water!! This was neat. Total, we saw about 15 eagleseagles today, many of them were around the port. But the highlight was seeing two different sittings of humpback whales. They were huge – the tails were very wide and powerful. The one stayed close to the surface – the other took smaller dives and came back up about 3-4 times. I saw them diving and also as they “spouted the water.” As the cruise came to a end, the crew let us visit them in the pilot house! We saw the boats navigational/communications instruments. This was a nice touch to end a great cruise! Definitely a keeper!

As we left Seward Kevin was pulled over by a police officer! He talked his way out of the ticket. (By the way-the female officer said she clocked him at 47 in a 35 mph zone.)

We traveled back to Anchorage. Had supper at a Chinese restaurant then went to the Westmark Hotel and went to bed.

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