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Arctic Circle

Got up a little bit later today. Dad and Granddad are heading to Barrow this morning. They will spend the night. Me and the others are getting ready to goto the Arctic Circle. It is a 376 mile trip over dirt/gravel roads.

Dad & Granddad & 5+ others went to the airport. The rest of us (Carolyn, Dickey, Oliver stayed behind. Carolyn’s brother is getting operated on and she wants to stay near a phone.) packed and started for the circle.

Joy, Alaska: Small store/house run by a family of 23 kids – most all adopted out of “bad” families. We looked/shopped around a little but then a bus load of “boat peopleboatp” showed up. We left.

Trans Alaskan Pipelinepipeline: Very awesome design. Huge Pipe (like 48″ in diameter). Too detailed to describe. A couple of us got our pictures on the pipe. Along the way we saw more of the pipe – it parallels the road to the circle. Stopped once more to see the pipe. Saw one of the pumping stations for the pipe.

Yukon Riveryukon: Drove over the river (bridge of course). Stopped at a dingy store/restaurant/motel/gas station/garage by the river. Had lunch at the Yukon Riveryukon! The owners dog came down – Jay fed it Turkey from his sandwich. Some got their feet wet in the water.

Arctic Circle: Finally got to the farthest point (to the Arctic Circle) at about 2:00pm or so. Took many pictures – scenery was pretty good. Our group was the lone group there. Kevin was anxious to “walk through the marsh/swamp” so we did not spend a lot of time (also there was not much to do!).

Back-To-Fairbanks: stopped to see some of the rocks imbedded in the permafrost and the layered rocks (from the immense pressure). Also stopped in a marsh/swamp to walk around – saw some birds – they must of had a nest around the area. Back to the Yukon Riveryukon Restaurant. Had supper (grilled cheese/chili – good milkshakes, bad facilities.)

MooseMoose: When leaving we saw a moose standing under the pipeline eating. He was content eating and stayed for a while – got some good pictures (I hope).

Back-To-Fairbanks: stopped at Joy. Got an Arctic Circle tee-shirt and certificates. One of the 23 kids, Ben, came over and talked to us. Went back to Fairbanks (got in at about 9:00-9:30pm. Some went to a baseball game but only saw an inning.) I went to bed.

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