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Up a little later than normal – about 9:00am – breakfast was usual – had it at Aunt Carola/Robyn’s room. Dad and Granddad are still at Barrow.

Toured the U.A.F. Museum: (U.A.F. = University of Alaska in Fairbanks). Museum was really good. Heard a multimedia presentation on the people and ways of life of Alaska’s interior residents. The museum was nicely done – lots of animals and furs. They had a Musk Ox on display. Some weather events, etc. Did not have too much time.

Weather: Started to drizzle a little but nothing too bad. So far the weather has been great. This is the first “bad” weather since we arrived. Jay was supposed to fly this morning but due to weather that was canceled.

Drove around Fairbanks: Got out and walked around the city. Went to an Art Gallery. Huge place – lots of expensive artwork but had some really great pieces. Stopped/Shopped at a dinky little corner gift shop. Across the street was a bakery shop. They had some really good food – some original Alaskan recipes as well. Lots of sweets. I got a bagel (garlic) with chicken salad on it. It was excellent (I ate it on the boat.)

Riverboat/Loveboatboatp: 3 words describe the trip – “What a Joke.” The ride was a first for the trip (and the last). The boat was a huge riverboat (with the large paddle wheel). As soon as we started off the trip, a bush pilot on the airstrip beside us, took off – circled around – then landed right away. Then, just upstream a little, we saw Susan Fletcher (an Iditarod Dog Musher) [See Also Linda Platnerlinda], her husband, and another boat captain – all casually were waiting for us to by so they could talk to us! Each had wireless mikes on! It was definitely all staged. At an Indian village we got off and lectured about the Ways of Life of the Indians. Even that was staged and all the lectures were memorized. We saw 2 reindeer – only 1 problem – they were caged! The whole trip was a joke. (When we got off there was 12 busses waiting for the people!) Mike was kidding around and said he had an apt. With Dr. Kavorkiandrk when he got off!

Unfortunately Dad+Granddad did not get to go on the Riverboat. Their flight from Barrow was 1 hr. Late. When we got off the boat, Oliver went and picked them up from the U.A.F. Museum.

Bowl Factory: The rest of the group went to the Bowl Factory. They make wooden bowls from the stumps of trees here. It Is both the factory and store.

We then gassed up the vans and went to eat at an Italian restaurant with Oliver. Went back to the hotel, packed, and went to bed.

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