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Too Many Stops. Too Much Time.

Up and packed – Fairbanks is history. Bags were at by 7:00 and we were fed and on the road at 7:45. (On our way to Valdez, a 304 mile trip.)

Santa Claus house: (of course, it was at the North Pole! Seriously.) Wrote a ton of postcards and sent them – each got stamped with the North Pole postmark. On our way out we drove through the town.

Knotty Pine Shop: Almost all items here are made of wood. They had a large mosquito (the state bird) & caribou (both made of wood) out front on display. Ray/Louise got a nifty little clock. The shop had a taxidermy shop and many furs. As we were ready to leave Michelle figured out she had left her hat back in Fairbanks – 30 miles back. Instead of having the motel ship the hat forward, her and Greg went back and got it. Took them about 2+ hrs. Before they caught up with us. Mike+Oliver made up a song for her. See “I Gotta Go Backgoback”

Alaskan Mt. Range: Weather is now foggy and drizzling. Hard to see. Visibility is low. The range is across the Tenana River. Saw more of the pipeline.

Big Delta: on the way we saw a moosemoose feeding in the water. Was pretty close. Got to Big Delta (weather cleared some). Toured the houses that were used as motels and restaurants for the early goldminers. Ate lunch here, saw the gift shop and fur house. (Ate at Ridda’s Roadhouse – good pie)

Alaskan Highway Visitors Center: Saw Black Rapids Glacier – retreating for 50 years. In the past it was close to the road and almost overtook it. Gulakama Glacier – Beautiful, did not stay long. Weather: got nasty again. Started to rain and got foggy.

Bison Point: Viewed 3 bison in the distance. The only way to see them was with Kevin’s high-powered scope.

Break: stopped for gas and bathroom break + food. Valdez is still 104 miles away. Traveled through Thompson Pass – extremely foggy, visibility was 0. Saw the Lowe river that we will white water raft on.

Valdez: Finally arrived. All were very tired. Went to hotel, to bed. It had been a long day – too many stops.

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