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Alyeska & White Water Rafting

Up at 9:00 – had a good sleep. Had breakfast – cereal and muffins (a change!).

Weather: Foggy, Rainy, About 60 degrees

Alyeska Tour: Got information from the people at Alyeska – VIP Package and Video. Karen was very nice. Got on the bus – after going through security. They checked all bags and we had to go through a metal detector before we boarded the bus. Also, once at the terminal ,we could not get off the bus until we reached the top overlook.

Alyeska Terminal: Saw the 4 berths (where the ships dock). Two tankers were coming through the Prince William Sound to the terminal. It was cloudy and hard to see. Passed the water treatment plant – all the water is taken off the ship, around the ship and treated before being introduced back into the ocean. (See Also Alyeska Pipelinepipeline)

Free time was given for an hour – to eat lunch.

White Water Rafting: Class 3 on the Lowe River. Weather has really improved. No rain. Visibility OK. They provided us with rain pants/jacket. We suited up and got “safety” instructions before boarding the raft. (Raft: 6 people + 1 guide. We choose to paddle instead of having the guide paddle.) The ride was about 1 hour. Dad, Me, Greg, Kevin, Jodi, Ray and 1 Guide were the passengers. The water was cold but I did not get very wet. Waves were good. Many people were on the shore watching. It was an awesome ride. All helped to load the bus and then we went back to their headquarters – then back to the motel.

Free time was given for the rest of the evening (until 7:00 when they were going to take a trip back to Thompson Pass if the fog had lifted.)

Dad went over and did laundry. I took a shower then Granddad and I went to the Valdez Museumvaldezm. Granddad wanted to have supper at the Chinese restaurant so that is what we did. We also looked around at the Prospectors store before going back to the motel.

Some in the group, including Dad, went back to Thompson Pass. I did not go because I thought it was still foggy. Unfortunately I was wrong. They said it was a really good view.

Packed – Bags have to be out by 5:00am. Went to bed.

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