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Travel Via Land & Air & Sea

Woke Up really early – about 4:30am. Our bags were to be out by 5:00am. Just had muffins for a snack. Went out an took some video of Valdez while waiting to go. Kevin and Greg slept in! They were not ready until about 20 minutes after everyone else was in the vans. Weather is clear, no rain and about 55-60 degrees.

Took the 1 mile trip down to the terminal/ferry. We had to wait for almost 30 minutes until we drove/boarded the “E.L. Bartlett” boat/ferry. (Drove the vans onboard.) It is a 7 hr. Ferry from Valdez to Whittier. We had breakfast on board. I slept for about 3 hrs. While en-route. It was very relaxing. The ship floated through a glacier. At 2:00pm we docked. There was free time given for 1 hr. To eat and see Whittier (which was not very big – it took about 20 minutes to see it all). Got an ice-cream and a buffalo burger for lunch.

Ferry Train: at 3:00 we drove the vans straight on-board a flatcar!! It was the most unique ferry trip I have ever seen. They did not tie down the vehicles or secure them in any way. We stayed in the vans, on the train, for the 30 minute ride into Portage. On the way we saw the Portage Glacier. There were 2 tunnels we went through before getting off at Portage.

Kevin took his van (which I was in) back to Girdwood (12 miles back) to put air in the back tire. It needed it.

Onto Homer: We caught up with the group and hour or two later. On the way to Homer we saw combat fishing, 2 Mt. Goats (in the distance) and a moosemoose in the water. Before getting to Homer there was an overlook where we could view the Homer Spit. Got some good pictures. An older couple that went with the Towson State University Group a couple of years ago, loved Alaska and moved here. Now, they live in Homer. They had put out a sign welcoming the group (Jay and His Band Of Gypsies!). We went on down into Homer and on the spit. Our motel, the Lands End Resort is the last building furthest on the spit. The motel was right on the waterfront and we had an excellent view of the water with the mountains in the background. Granddad and Dick’s room was small – it only had a single bed in it. After much confusion Granddad came to sleep in our room. Dick was happy by himself. I walked on the beach a little, took some pictures, went to bed.

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