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Downtown Homer to the Islands of Homer

Up at 8:30am. Breakfast was eaten at the motel’s restaurant. Very Good food. Walked down the spit to Captain Mikes store where we got our pre-made lunches for the day. We boarded the Rainbow Tours boat which took us out to the Center for Inner Coastal Studies (a non-profit organization).

Center for Inner Coastal Studies: It is a unique setup here. The center is on an island. To get to shore, you pull yourself across. Four volunteers were on duty today. The volunteers live on the island for periods of about 4-5 days before going back to the mainland.

Grand Tour: At about 10:00am, Scott – our tour guide, began his “R Rated Tour of the Woods!” In the woods we saw many different species of vegetation – such as: Devils Weeddevweed, and Sun-Dosundo. We walked along the beach and viewed starfish, jellyfish, very small unidentifiable creatures, mussels, etc. The beach was littered full of mussels! Interesting sight. They told us about an old Indian hut that used to stand on the property. The only way to identify it, was that the hut was buried halfway under ground. Today, the whole is still there. Neat. We boarded the Rainbow Tours boat at about 5:15pm for their tour.

Rainbow Boat Tour: 1st stop was to see “Gull Island.” This island is one of three that is grouped together close the Center for Inner Coastal Studies. It is aptly named! On “Gull Island” there were literally hundreds of birds – many meugulls and a couple of puffins. At one point we saw 4 puffins together sitting on the top of the island. Two puffins were swimming on the sea. Next stop was back to shore.

Because we had spent much of the day walking, we went back to the motel and took a hour nap. We changed and then took a cab into downtown Homer. Checked out a couple of the shops + and got some ice cream for dinner. Walked the Main Street and Pioneer St., the main “drags” in town. Took the cab back to the motel.

Crashed, and went to sleep – it was really late and we have to get up early tomorrow.

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