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Jail ordered for man who attacked umpire at White Sox game
From Yahoo! Sports
December 4, 2003

CHICAGO (AP) — A man who attacked an umpire at a Chicago White Sox game this year pleaded guilty Thursday to aggravated battery.

Eric Dybas was immediately sentenced to six months in jail and 30 months of probation. He had faced up to five years in prison.

Dybas, 25, of Bolingbrook, was arrested and charged April 15 after he ran onto the field during a White Sox home game against the Kansas City Royals and tried to tackle umpire Laz Diaz.

Dybas, who was overpowered by Royals players before he could hurt Diaz, was the second man convicted this year for attacking game officials at U.S. Cellular Field but the first one sentenced to jail.

In the other case, William Ligue Jr. was sentenced to 30 months’ probation for a September 2002 attack that resulted in permanent hearing damage to Royals coach Tom Gamboa.

Dybas will serve the first part of his sentence in jail, but he could be out of jail in 85 days after time off for good behavior and a five-day credit for time already spent in custody, officials said.

Dybas was told to undergo alcohol abuse treatment if recommended by adult probation services.

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