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Goodbye Alaska, I Will Miss You

Today is out last day in Alaska. We wanted to make the most of it. Got up early and had breakfast downtown at the Deli/Cafe. Had some great Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes.

Shopped at some of the gift shops. Granddad got a flag and other little items.

Pratt Museum: We walked over to the museum. Their flower arrangements were awesome. Inside – they are noted for their large artwork collection. It is definitely something to see. They have everything from modern art to traditional Alaskan paintings. On the second floor was a large time-line display of the building of Alaska. From the early Indians to the technology of Alascom (Alaskan Satellite service that provides much of the communications for Alaska) the museum had it. It was well worth the walk.

Land’s Building: This building is a government run facility that shows some of the animals and artifacts of Alaska. After spending some time looking around here, we walked over to the Saturday Market.

Saturday Market: The Saturday Market is an outdoor flee-market type place. Many booths specializing in everything from food to crafts were set-up. Dad talked to a guy about his honeybees and honey. I got a poster autographed by Tommy Moe! It was almost time to leave so we headed back to the hotel.

Last Look: We left the hotel at 2:00pm to head to the airport. Each of us checked in our bags and fish (which had been stored overnight at the Delta Freezer). The plane was on-time and we left without any problems.

ANC to L.A.: The trip from ANC to L.A. was problem free. They showed the movie “Outbreak” which was real good. The food was well Airline food – what do you expect ? It was some type of weird colored noodles in a spaghetti sauce. OK I guess.

L.A. to Atlanta: Before we could board the plane we had to show some form of Photo I.D.! The security was very tight in lieu of the “uni-bomber.” Well, I would describe this flight but frankly I slept the entire time! It is about 10:00pm. They showed the movie Judicial Consent – never saw it, slept. The plane was a super-wide body. Fortunately I had a seat on the side not in the middle.

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