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Vivian Nora (24.09.2012)


It has been an extended Cinderella experience for Vivian. Started in Disney world (mouse house) as she meet Cinderella. Returning back to the UK, we went to London meeting up with Josh/Heide/Heston to see the Cinderella exhibit (Leicester square). Then we saw Cinderella the movie in theatre early April. Daddy and Vivi pretend to be...Read More

Vivian Photo Gallery 2014

Vivian is a growing girl. In 2014 she has learned to walk and talk and has personality galore. The gallery directly below is updated with favorite images as we go through 2014. At the bottom, Vivi gets dressed up in a red Chinese outfit. Montage of images traveling around the world: Vivian dressed up in...Read More

Vivi turns 1!

Vivian Nora turned 1 this week. The 24th was the actual birthday but we celebrated all week. Had the grandparents over from America and enjoyed their company in London, Brighton and around town. On Sunday, we dedicated Vivi at Harvest. A great way to end the birthday week. NEW! Watch the Vivian Walks video. *...Read More

Bath, UK

Bath, United Kingdom is about 100 miles west of London. Ningning, Vivian and I holidayed there 2 days, 1 night in late May. Was an enjoyable, short getaway to see a very old and historic part of Britain. From wikipedia: “The city was first established as a spa with the Latin name, Aquae Sulis (“the...Read More