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Hurricane Katrina

Katrina – 1 year annv.

Hurricane Katrina came on-shore 1 year ago today. LA and MS are still cleaning up and rebuilding. All the major networks are running Katrina specials; Bush is in New Orleans speaking today. 9 months ago I was in New Orleans filming a special for Lakeview. Watch the video below direct from the Ninth Ward, 17th...Read More

Time to head home

Our work here is done. We have helped refinish furniture, do manual labor tasks around the home and for the neighbors, cooked and distributed a thanksgiving meal, and more. Most importantly we provided a little hope for these residents. We are heading home now.

Touring around New Orleans, LA

It’s Thanksgiving and I am capturing thoughts from the last few days. First, and foremost, we are all VERY thankful for what we have. After seeing the destruction in this city we have become appreciative of all the small things. Known for the complete destruction caused by a levee breach, the Ninth Ward in Jefforson...Read More

First glimpse at “the mess”

All along Interstate 10 – the East/West connector to LA – we see debris littering the road. As we near Lake Ponchatrain, we see abondoned vehicles left prior to the storm! Yes, 3 months later we see abondoned cars covered in mud along I-10…Read More