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Skiing and Snowboarding in Yaklama

Denis and I went skiing/snowboarding at Volen today. Volen is best likened to Ski Roundtop in PA. (Ski Roundtop is a smaller, northeastern USA ski area near where I grew up. The hills are about the same length and elevation; the types of skiers/boarders were about the same.) It was Denis’s first time on a…Read More

Skiing in Davos – final report

Skiied Davos, Switzerland yesterday and today. Yesterday- snowed all day. Snow was powder and thick! Visibility was poor but the skiing was fun. Today, the morning was about like yesterday but the afternoon was perfect. It cleared up and the snow was fresh, fast, and awesome. Final photos are attached. View images in Slideshow viewer...Read More

Skiing in Davos Dorf, Switzerland

Today was the first day skiing at Davos Dorf in Switzerland! Wow. What an amazing place. We’ve got the 5 mountain pass and I’m sure after 3+ days we won’t even begin to touch the mountains. Will post pictures soon.