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giffgaff on the O2 network

Got to love PAYG in the UK. Ningning and I have relocated to London and have been researching good mobile phone options. Everyone suggested the O2 network for its strength, nationwide reliability, good data speed and coverage… but is there a better option? We found giffgaff which is just O2 rebranded into a less expensive...Read More

Trebuchet Report

A report I completed back in 1998 has drawn lots of traffic to the website. You’ll find the report reposted below including a working model video! This report is strictly Copyright (c) 1998 Justin Hall. All rights reserved. Students – don’t attempt to copy. Justin Hall | Dynamics, Spring | 4 May 1998 What used...Read More

Adobe and Animoto Team up

Two of my favorites are teaming-up. Animoto just released an Adobe Lightroom plug-in making it easy to populate a new Animoto with images. Update: have moved on to using stupeflix.com. Cheaper for a year’s subscription including HD upgrades.