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The night the lights went out… at the Louvre

Two architectural and monumental landmarks are on today’s agenda. First, situated on a Seine river island is Place du Parvis Notre-Dame. The cathedral dates back to X. Inside you can confess in practically any language. Candle lighting is available for 2 euros. That all aside, the place is ornate and garnished with beautiful stained glass…Read More

Versailles and Hausemann street

Best laid plans are not always fulfilled. We start out early to spend time at the Louvre. Today, however, is Tuesday and it is the one day of the week when the Louvre is closed. Versailles becomes our destination.Read More

Last London Looks then on to Paris

Today Boxing Day is a holiday following Christmas and observed in England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Its major significance at this time seems to be a setting for the post-Christmas sale. Here our English speaking cultures seem to meet, in the drunken ecstasy of consumerism, buying things with all the fury of past Dionysian…Read More