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Golf Resort, Westin Turnberry in Ayr, Scotland

Awaking we get our first ocean view’s. It’s a magnificent view. Mom heads to the spa and I head outdoors to take photographs. The wind is blowing at 35mph and light rain is falling. The sting of the blowing rain makes it a tough shooting environment. I walk the golf course, up along the beach,...Read More

London – Harrods, Tea at Caf

It’s arise time. Television here is terrible. Half the channels are foreign language – either Chinese or French. The other half are BBC something or another. There are no good news or sitcoms on. We plan our day: see Harrods and Buckingham palace and relax/get acquainted. Both Harrods and Buckingham Palace are within walking distance…Read More

Travel to London, LHR

Boarded an United Airlines jet to Washington Dulles (IAD). Arrived on-time (546 – sunrise in-route to IAD) and met mom. Traffic to Dulles, said mom, was terrible. She made the international flight to London Heathrow (LHR) with just 20 minutes to spare!Read More